Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Business Spotlight: Chesterfield Fence & Deck

Since 1968, Chesterfield Fence & Deck has signified commitment quality and professionalism first in everything they do. Over the years, that's helped them grow from a small family business into a full-service remodeling company with 90 experienced and dedicated employees come to work every morning to carry out our mission to provide the very best in customer service and quality workmanship.

Their goal is to provide to you the best products, the best service and the highest value available.  Today we wanted to spotlight this St Louis business bell weather...


Tools for Highly Effective Communication

As part of our upcoming Meetup on 10/16 wanted to touch upon the tools and technology learn a framework for creating more meaningful conversations that help you get the results you want.

Social media

Use social media to promote your business and brand, and to engage potential and existing customers. Share links to informative articles or posts on your blog, post updates about your product or service, or share any other tidbits that your audience will find helpful or inspiring.


It’s not a new communication technology, and you might be experienced at talking on the phone, but in addition to a peasant phone manner, practicing good mobile phone etiquette will help you get more value out of conversations.

When speaking on the phone, ensure that you remain focused on the person on the other end. They will know if you are multitasking while talking – whether you’re checking emails or on your way from A to B. A person’s distraction can be heard in their voice. Set aside time to make phone calls so you can devote your whole attention to the conversation.

Manage your usage

Don’t let your communications take up more time than necessary. Many people try to justify the hours spent on social media, email and text as essential to ‘keep on top of things’. But there are ways to curb time spent communicating.

Creating standard messages for repeated enquiries; aggregating your social media pages into one platform, such as Hootsuite; and responding to emails/messages at set times help with this.
It’s also important to give yourself ‘time out’ from using technology. This will help you recharge and be more efficient when using it.

Face-to-face communication

People do business with people, not businesses. So no matter how often you communicate with technology, nothing beats the connections made through interacting with others in person.
Just remember when speaking with someone, minimize or eliminate technological distractions and listen actively.

No matter your preferred form of technology, by using it wisely, you will become more effective in your communication.

Is technology enhancing or hindering your communication style?

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Small Business Owners Of St. Louis

Small business owners wear many hats and it is hard to do everything we need to do. By pooling our resources and knowledge we can leverage our talents to grow and make our businesses more profitable. From sharing experiences to investigating new technologies, this meetup gives local St. Louis small businesses an increased social media marketing platform.

if you own a small business or are thinking of starting a small business this is the group for you. Small business is the engine that drives this country. Winning in small business keeps the American Dream alive of making it possible for getting ahead in life based on one's own ability and achievement.

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